Bob Berman

May River Wildlife Carving

Bob Berman

I began to seriously study bird carving in the mid- 1990's.  The northeast
was a center for bird and decoy carvers, such as the very famous Elmer
Crowell, Joe Lincoln, and Keith Mueller. I learned from another great
carver, Steve Weaver, and I also studied with Ashley Grey and Bob Guge.  I
have won many first place competition ribbons at the Ocean City World
Competition, East Carolina, Down East Maine, and Cromwell Competitions.
I carve almost exclusively out of Tupelo stump wood due to the clarity of
the grain. Almost every base is also carved out of a local wood or Tupelo. I
will carve any bird that may have a special meaning to you upon request. All
the birds are hand carved with knives made by me in the same manner the old
time original decoys and birds were carved.  I do not use power carving

I have lived in the town of Bluffton for 5 years and am very respectful of
the area wildlife and ecology. Years ago I hunted wildlife for sport, but
now I only observe and protect all species.

If you have a question or request I can be reached through Pluff Mudd
Gallery or my studio 843-757-1038

Bob Berman
35 Greenwood Dr
Bluffton  S.C.   29910

Wood Stork urlew Oystercatchter

Wood Stork