Ed Funk

Ed Funk

In describing his work, Ed says his photography “hopefully captures in a millisecond what God created over millenniums.”  The award-winning artist employs a variety of digital cameras and lenses to express his love of nature and wildlife in a way that allows the audience to experience a sense of delight and serenity when viewing the vibrant color in his photography.

Ed Funk PhotosThough he has been taking photographs since childhood in New Jersey, the self-taught artist spent all of his 37-year professional life in the graphic arts industry, most of it with the world’s leading manufacturer of printing inks and pigments in both a technical and sales and marketing capacity.   Throughout his career, Ed, a Ph.D. Chemist by training, presented seminars and lectures in color theory which today projects itself in his beautiful lowcountry sunset, shrimp boat, bird, flower, butterfly and marsh scenes. 

Along with his wife, Kathryn, Ed started Vista Enterprises, a small photographic services company in 2002, fulfilling a lifelong dream.   Ed’s work is featured regularly in over 20 galleries, shops, newspapers and magazines.  Many of his award-winning photographs have been the result of his worldwide travels from Europe and Asia to Australia and the South Pacific.

11 Hunters Green
Bluffton, SC 29910
Tel:  843-815-9455
Cell:  843-368-1414
E-mail: edfunk56@gmail.com
Web Site: edfunkphotos.com 


Ghost Riders Misty Morning Days End

Ghost Riders

Misty Morning

Days End