Marilyn McDonald

Marilyn McDonald


"Each Piece is unique
Wach design-Singular!"

Marilyn has been a Pluff Mudd artist since 2000. Due to her husband's employment, she lived outside the United States for over 20 years. Marilyn's interest in designing jewelry from local unique pieces began in South America and flourished when she moved to Hong Kong in 1983. This location gave her access to original beads and antique pieces throughout Asia . . . from China, India, Turkey and Morocco.

Marilyn specializes in creating something beautiful from something old . . . something truely special . . . "Singularities." She delights in explaining where the pieces originated and their antique background. Her workshop contains a large inventory and she continues to collect for those wanting personal designs.

Please feel free to contact her.

Marilyn and her husband live in the Bluffton area. She loves the low country and bringing a bit of her world to the Pluff Mudd Gallery.

Marilyn McDonald Marilyn McDonald Marilyn McDonald