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Jan Ross is passionate about watercolors! Her formal art education began at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, continued while she lived in Europe for 6 years, and upon returning to the US, studies with renowned artists: Judi Betts, Joseph Boehler, Gerald Brommer, Betty Carr, Joseph Fettingis, Gary Curtis, Jim Kosvanec, Jan Kunz, John Salminen, Arne Westerman and Mary Whyte.

Numerous Watercolor Societies have recognized Jan's excellent work by awarding her their Highest Honor, 'Signature Membership'. These include: The Georgia Watercolor Society, Missouri Watercolor Society, Western Colorado Watercolor Society, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Northeast Watercolor Society, Red River Watercolor Society, Alaska Watercolor Society, and the Watercolor Society of Alabama. Additionally, she was awarded, 'Member of Excellence' by the Atlanta Artists Center, the largest fine art association in the Southeast.

Jan's goal of having her work exhibited in galleries or museums in 50 states is nearly accomplished, having done so in 47 states as of 2021.

'Up Close and Personal' best describes Jan's work, as she strives to capture the Spirit of people, Essence of a place and Textures of things around her. Jan develops rich but translucent colors, and the appearance of 3 dimensionality by layering numerous washes of translucent watercolor onto 100% cotton rag paper.

Jan's mission is for the viewer of her representational portrait work to feel a connection with the featured subject. For the past 20 years, Jan's has dedicated her work to series honoring the history, culture and customs of Native Americans, Middle Easterners, Gullah/African Americans, Cowboys, Children and people displaying their unique, genuine character or personality. Art is a universal language and her models have stories to tell!

A resident of the Low Country for 5 years, Jan is a member of the Board of Directors and an Instructor for the Art League of Hilton Head Island. Jan is greatly appreciative of her husband, Rob's encouragement and support in her artistic endeavors, and her studio cat, 'Sweetie'. who takes full credit for Jan's accomplishments.

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